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Roof Gutter Services (RGS) are specialist on roof and building maintenance services. We strongly believe in quality work is the key to build strong relationship between us and our customer.

Our main services are installation of new roof and gutter system, roof and gutter replacement for old building, roof and gutter maintenance with waterproofing service and repairing work for roof and gutter leaking.


What is gutter? Gutter is a drainage system for roof, it helps to divert rainwater from roof to public drainage. The most common gutter found in the market are Galvanised iron (G.I.) or steel gutter.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing are one of our specialties. Our team are capable of handling various metal roofing projects. Some of the projects we cover includes: installing new metal roof on newly constructed steel frame structure, dismantle old roof and install new metal roof or even lay-on new roof on existing metal roof.

Factory Roof Repair

Metal roof leaking is quite common in Malaysia due to the constant rainfall which causes rapid corrosion to the metals. The material used in metal roofs play an important role in preventing leakage. Better quality metal roof takes longer time to corrode.

The standard metal roof thickness that we recommend is 0.47mm, this thickness is inclusive of coating and metal sheet thickness.


Residential Roof Repair

The most common roof for houses in Malaysia are concrete and clay tiles roof. Other type of roof such as metal roof and shingles roof (especially asphalt shingle) can also be found for houses.


When it comes to concrete roof slab or flat roof leaking repair, we always suggest our client to go for torch-on waterproofing membrane. We provide a minimum of 3 - 5 years leaking warranty.


We provide skylight or transparent sheet installation for factory and house. Our services includes new skylight installation, replacement of old skylight and construction of new skylight with mild steel support.

Building Maintenance

We also provide services for building maintenance job such as repairing mild steel object with welding method, patch road pothole or wall crack, and other maintenance work.

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