About Us

Roof Gutter Services (RGS) are specialist for roof and building maintenance services. Our main services includes: installation of new roof and gutter system, roof and gutter replacement, roof and gutter maintenance with waterproofing services and repairing work for roof and gutter leaking.

We are experienced in handling buildings like factories, shop lots, office buildings, terrace houses and commercial buildings. Currently we only provide services in Selangor, KL and N. Sembilan (certain areas only for N. Sembilan). Roof inspection service for industrial and commercial type buildings that are less than an hour of travelling distance from Puchong will be free of charge (term and condition applied).

In RGS, clients are our utmost priority. We are experienced in diagnosing various situation and condition of the roof and gutter. We provide value to our client through analysing of the possible issues and providing suitable solutions within their budget. From there, we further explain it to them in ways that are comprehensible to the laymen. This is why our clients value us and have faith in the solutions we provide and the quality of our workmanship.

We aim to do our best in serving our client by providing them with the best possible solution for their situation and request. The materials we select are long-lasting and comes with warranty. Besides roof and gutter services, we also provide other post roofing service such as painting, ceiling repair work caused by roof leaking and other building maintenance services. This includes: steel welding, electrical and wet work and others upon request.

Our Mission

Educate and enlighten end user with the knowledge on roof and gutter services.

Our Core Values


Our services are built to last.


We deliver and perform what we promise and we educate our clients on the solutions provided.


Every solution is specifically catered to our client’s needs with the utmost quality.

Our Services

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