Residential Roof Repair

The most common roof for houses in Malaysia are concrete and clay tiles roof. Other type of roof such as metal roof and shingles roof (especially asphalt shingle) can also be found for some houses. Therefore house repairing work can be incredibly challenging due to variety range of roof type. Different set of repairing techniques are require when it comes to house roof repair. And here are some most common roof leaking causes in Malaysia.

Tile broken or chipped

Damaged during roof repairing or other roof related maintenance work.

Ridge roof tile’s cement cracked

It is a quite common issue in Malaysia as we have hot season all year long. Cement to hold ridge roof tile and roof tile tend to crack after 2-3 years.

Insufficient roof pitch

Causes rainwater back flow from horizontal overlapping (old house of 40 – 50 years and above are more likely to face such issue).


Flashing too small (Usually provided by developer due to cost concerns).

Post roof repair services

We also offer post roof repair services such as ceiling repair and painting work.