Torch-on sand mineral bituminous waterproofing membrane

When it comes to concrete roof slab or flat roof leaking repair, we always suggest our client to go for torch-on waterproofing membrane. This method is one of the best option in the market and it is more effective compared to liquid base waterproof coating. We are providing a minimum of 3 - 5 years leaking warranty for this service.

Work method:

> After the warranty period is over, maintenance work is needed for waterproofing membrane’s overlapping joints

> Sharp and heavy object (e.g. air-conditional compressor bracket or water-tank bracket) are not advisable to be placed on top of waterproofing membrane as it may damage the membrane.

> Clean concrete roof slab regularly to prevent plant grow on roof.

Roof coating (metal roof only)

Roof Gutter Services (RGS) provides roof coating services for metal roof. The purpose of roof coating is to prolong metal roof lifespan by preventing corrosion. We provide 3 different type of roof coating: normal roof coating (acrylic base), waterproof roof coating (polyurethane) and heat reduction or insulation roof coating.

Work method: