Gutter Work

What is gutter? Gutter is a drainage system for roof, it helps to divert rainwater from roof to public drainage. The most common gutter found in the market are Galvanised iron (G.I.) or steel gutter. The disadvantage of these type of gutter is that it will get rusty after some time. Minor rusted and damaged area can be patch with sealant while major rusted area with hole needs to be replaced.

There 2 other popular gutter in the market. These gutter do not rust. They are Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) and stainless-steel gutter. Meanwhile, aluminium and copper sheet can also be use as gutter, but they are less popular in the market. Roof Gutter Services (RGS) provides gutter installation, replacement and repair services for ZINCALUME (by NS BlueScope) gutter, B304 stainless-steel gutter and uPVC gutter.

Different types of gutter materials.

Galvanized iron (GI)

Advantages: Cheapest among all, variety of thickness, can be customize.

Disadvantages: Shortest life span due to the corrosion and minor water ponding which speeds up the oxidation process.


Price (1 - most expensive, 4 - least expensive): 4

Lifespan (1 - longest lifespan, 4 - shortest lifespan) : 4

Customization : YES

Corrosion : YES

Thickness : 0.80mm – 2mm


Advantages: Cheaper option, longer lifespan comparing with G.I because of aluminium content, can be customize.

Disadvantages: Limited variety of thickness, maximum 1.2mm total coating thickness (TCT). Corrosion will eventually happen, but not as rapid.


Price (1 - most expensive, 4 - least expensive): 3

Lifespan (1 - longest lifespan, 4 - shortest lifespan) : 3

Customization : YES

Corrosion : YES

Thickness : 0.80mm – 1.2mm

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC)

Advantages: Cheaper option, will not rust.

Disadvantages: Gutter will get crooked due to the hot weather and cause overflow issue. Limited choices of gutter size and cannot be customize. Gutter’s fitting can be quite expensive.


Price (1 - most expensive, 4 - least expensive): 2

Lifespan (1 - longest lifespan, 4 - shortest lifespan) : 2

Customization : YES

Corrosion : NO

Thickness : 3mm

B304 Stainless-steel

Advantages: Will not rust, wide variety of thickness and can be customize.

Disadvantages: Expensive, almost double the price of the other 3 options.


Price (1 - most expensive, 4 - least expensive): 1

Lifespan (1 - longest lifespan, 4 - shortest lifespan) : 1

Customization : YES

Corrosion : NO

Thickness : 0.80mm – 2mm

We also have special gutter design with hidden bracket or round base gutter instead of standard square base gutter design.

Semi-round base gutter

Square based gutter

Round base gutter

  • Leaf-proof gutter system.
  • Gutter cleaning and maintenance services.
  • Special gutter design with hidden bracket or round base gutter instead of standard square base gutter design.

Trusted Roof Guttering In Malaysia

Roof gutters work by diverting heavy rainfall away from ruining the foundation of your property. This is because heavy rain can cause a lot of damages to your building, especially to the integrity of your building. When a roof gutter is installed properly, your building can be protected from damage and thus, that is why RGS offers one of the best roof drain pipe installations you can find in Malaysia.

Why Are We The Best Roof Guttering Service

With RGS, roof guttering work is made easier with our years of experience and knowledge of gutter installation in Malaysia. Specifically in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and certain areas in Negeri Sembilan for now. Our team is always ready for any issue thrown at us. Thus, we provide a variety of services from installing to maintaining and repairing any roof gutter drain.

We only provide the best so that your factory buildings will stay in tip-top shape in the long run. This is one of the reasons why installing a good roof gutter drain is important. It will improve the state of your building in many ways since getting a roof gutter can avoid any sort of water damage.

Types Of Gutter Material For Gutter Installation In Malaysia

We provide only the best roof gutter in Malaysia, thus we prepare a few of the best materials in the market for reasonable prices. The two most common materials used in the market include Galvanized iron (G.I.) and steel gutters. However, these two have a short lifespan and rusts easily, thus, a lower price. Though, when they rust, there are two services that we offer that can fix them. Minor rusts can be patched with sealant while major rusts with holes need to be replaced entirely and we are prepared to offer those services.

The other two are higher in price but worth it and well-known among industries. A longer lifespan consisting of Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) and stainless steel gutters which do not rust. There are also less popular materials in the market which are aluminium and copper sheet.

Whichever material you choose, we can definitely provide services to maintain them. We also offer additional services that help improve your drainage systems and allow us to have one of the top drainage system for roofs in Malaysia. These services consist of a leaf-proof gutter system, which helps the gutters that we install to have less clogging overtime. Other than that, we provide gutter cleaning and maintenance services so that our consumers do not have to go through the trouble of finding a separate service elsewhere.

Additional Services For The Best Roof Gutter In Malaysia

Another interesting thing about our services is that we offer is a variety of gutter designs. These different gutter designs cater to how different you want your roof gutter drain to function which will also determine how well your roof drainage system performs. The designs we provide consists of a semi-round base gutter, a square-based gutter, and a round base gutter.

Our gutter designs are modern gutters with a huge capacity of carrying heavy rainfall. A square-based gutter, a semi-round base gutter and a round base gutter are designed in a way to enhance the self-cleaning and minimize the accumulation of water and dirt in the roof drainage system.

We also provide a leaf-proof roof guttering system that can help prevent your roof drain pipe from clogging with leaves and other waste. The leaf-proof roof gutter system can be installed over an existing gutter without damaging anything.