Metal Roofing

Metal roofing are one of our specialties. Our team are capable of handling various metal roofing projects. Some of the projects we cover includes: installing new metal roof on newly constructed steel frame structure, dismantle old roof and install new metal roof or even lay-on new roof on existing metal roof. We provide a minimum of 5 years leaking warranty for the services mentioned above. In case of leakage during warranty period, RGC will provide Free repair services for leakages due to installation by RGS.

For roof installation, we use top grade material for new roof. Our first-choice for material is AZ150 Zincalume metal roof sheet from NS BlueScope. This material is worth investing as it comes with 25 years of material warranty. There are 2 type of common metal roofs in market they consist of screw type metal roof and clip lock (screwless) metal roof.

Metal Roof
Installation Services

Install metal roof on
new mild steel truss

Dismantle old roof and
install new metal roof

Re-roof on existing roof by installing new G.I batten and new metal roof






Rainwater Downpipe

Turbine Ventilation

Mild Steel Framework

Metal Roof Installation Malaysia

Being one of our specialities, metal roof installation can be very beneficial to one’s home. It is more durable and cost-efficient in the long run. Our team of metal roofers provide top-notch service for any metal roof installation, be it your home or your factory. We are equipped to handle any situation that you may have. A roof installation, maintenance, repairing, dismantling old roofing as well as replacing or layering on a new roof on old roofing.

How We Provide The Best Metal Roofing Malaysia

Since we strongly believe in quality, we only provide the best. Any metal roof expert would say that metal roofs are more beneficial for you. Due to the material, it is already more durable than other materials since it will be hard for it to get corroded or crack over time. The sustainability of metal roofs is high since it has greater impact-resistance capacity. Plus, when you install metal roofs, it helps in deflecting sunlight from your home which can help your home feel cooler. Metal roofs are safe to use as it will not cause any negative impact during a lightning strike. All kinds of metal roofs not only contain up to 95% of reprocessed content, it is also 100% recyclable at the end of their lifespan as a roof.

Why Choose RGS Metal Roof Contractor

By using our services, we will provide a minimum of 5 years leaking warranty. Thus, if you experience any leakages due to RGS’ installations within the warranty period, we will provide free metal roof repair services for you. Metal roof repairs in Malaysia are difficult to find or are rather expensive. But with RGS’ metal roofers, we provide the installations, repairs, and maintenance. We take responsibility for our products and services, thus, any service that involves us such as roof installation or any metal roofing in Malaysia will be taken care of by us. In that, we can ensure and gain consumers’ trust, building strong relationships with them in order to continue to provide them with top-notch roofing services.

Types Of Material Recommended By Metal Roof Experts

Here at RGS, we only provide the best materials for any metal roof installationin Malaysia. Our first choice material is the AZ150 Zincalume metal roof sheet from NS BlueScope. This material is worth investing in because there is a 25-year material warranty on it. Another two materials that are common within metal roofing companies are screw-type metal roof and a clip lock metal roof, which is a screwless metal roof. The difference between the two is simply, one needs to be screwed securely and the other just needs to be fastened.

Metal Roof Installation Services

One of the services that we offer as a part of metal roof installation in Malaysia is installing a metal roof on new mild steel truss. Other than that, in case you are looking for a roof repair in Malaysia to dismantle old roofs and replace them with entirely new metal roofs. If you did not want a replacement, we also provide a re-roofing service whereby we lay-on the new G.I batten and new metal roof on top of existing metal roofs to improve the integrity.